Conservative Worker's Party

The Democratic and Republican parties have failed you! They bend over backwards to serve Wall Street billionaires, while leaving rural, blue-collar workers behind. The Conservative Worker’s Party will not leave you behind! We will bend over backwards to raise wages, lower taxes, create jobs, give Arkansans health insurance, and make Arkansas safe again. Learn more.

The Conservative Worker's Party is a third party that advocates for Paternalistic Conservatism in the US state of Arkansas. We currently have no other state branches and have decided to not create a national committee for the time being.

Our Principles

  1. Social Conservatism
  2. Economic Progressivism
  3. Anti-corruption
  4. Populism
  5. Equality for minorities


Arkansas Right to Life March

The Conservative Worker's Party endorses the Arkansas Right to Life march in Little Rock on January 16th at 2:00PM. More information.